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Зажигалки Zippo Z_200-Gerb-Rossii

Герб России. Рисунок на передней панели. Материал: латунь. Цвет: двухцветный. Отделка: хромирование. Габаритные размеры: 3,6x5,6x1,2см.

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Zippo зажигалки-zippo-z_200-gerb-rossii похожие


Opyt istorii denezhnyh znakov v Rossii. Ch.1. in Russian ...

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Bumazhnye denezhnye znaki Rossii i SSSR (Book, 1993 ...

Note: Citations are based on reference standards. However, formatting rules can vary widely between applications and fields of interest or study.

Korneva G., Cheboksarova T. Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna

For two decades, Liki Rossii, an information and publishing company, has published many books and photographic albums on topics ranging from the history of Russia to Saint Petersburg and the Romanov Dynasty. Some of our books were devoted to a particular branch of the Imperial Family, the Vladimirovichi - Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich and his descendants. Among these works were: the memoires of Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich and his spouse Grand Duchess Leonida Georgievna, Russia is in our hearts, published in 1995. The memoires of Grand Duke Kirill Vladimirovich, My life in Russias Service, were issued one year later. The authors, Galina Korneva and Tatiana Cheboksarova, have been working on this topic for many years. Back in 2001, Liki Rossii published an important and one-of-akind guidebook, Saint-Petersburg Palace of Grand Duke Vladimir, authored by Korneva and Cheboksarova. It was to become the first of many such collaborations. The authors take part in conferences both in Russia and abroad; they deliver lectures and write articles on a regular basis. In fact, they have authored nearly 30 articles devoted to different aspects of Grand Duke Vladimir activity, as well as the life of members of his family. One the latest books written by G. Korneva and T. Cheboksarova is titled Russia and Europe - Dynastic Ties. It contains many pages dedicated to detailed descriptions of this branch of Romanov family. Liki Rossii published it in 2010 in Russian and in 2012 in English. Expanded with many archival photographs, kindly provided by publisher and collector Arturo E. Beеche, it was printed in USA by Eurohistory.com in 2013 The authors used considerable amounts of archival documents that they collected during many years working in various archives, both in Russia and abroad. The book Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna includes also more than 300 photographs from archives and private collections. In a further collaboration with Eurohistory.com, nearly 70 photographs were kindly given to the authors by Arturo E. Beеche. In fact, as was the case with Russia and Europe, Eurohistory.com is publishing Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna for the American, European and world markets. Proficiency in several foreign languages provided G. Korneva and T. Cheboksarova the chance to read and analyze a period covering the end of 19th - beginning of 20th century. Many of these works were printed in Russia, England, Germany, while also serving as source for many previously unseen photographs. Without a doubt, the authors detailed knowledge of the topic only further enriches this very unique book. See also the previous published book of the authors Empress Maria Fedorovnas Favorite Residences in Russia and Denmark.

1926 РУБ



Корнева Галина, Чебоксарова Татьяна Empress Maria Feodorovna Favorite Residences in Russia and Denmark

Thirty-two of the unparalleled fifty-two Easter eggs created by Carl Faberge were gifts for Empress Maria Feodorovna. Even his royal clients didnt know what he had created for them until the day before Easter. Francis Barenbaum, the chief artist of the company at that time, later remembered: The drawings of the eggs were not shown to the Emperor for approval. Faberge was given the opportunity to chose his subject and work on it completely independently. When the Court jeweler created his next masterpiece he drew on important events from Maria Feodorovnas life, and in doing so he presented her destiny in an unusually artistic way. In essence, the eggs present the story of her life in both Russia and Denmark. The surprise hidden in the Faberge egg in 1890, which depicts Maria Feodorovnas favorite residences, could be thought of as a guide to this book. In tracing the progression of paintings on this delicate screen one, can examine the places that were especially dear to the Danish Princess who became a Russian Empress. There are the Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen, the summer residences at Bernstorf and Fredensborg, the small Keiser-villa near Fredensborg, and Villa Hvidoere in Denmark. Her life in Russia is represented by the Anichkov Palace in Petersburg, Gatchina Palace, and the Cottage at Peterhof. Only one chapter of this book is not connected directly with Maria Feodorovnas residences. That chapter is devoted to St. Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Church in Copenhagen, which was built according to the wishes and by the financial means of the Imperial Russian family. The Church played an important role in Maria Feodorovnas life because of her ton-version to Russian Orthodoxy before her marriage. She strictly and sincerely followed the main doctrines of that religion, assisted the poor and indigent, and gave much of her energy and money to charity and patronage of the arts. When Maria Feodorovna visited Denmark she would travel from wherever she was staying to St. Alexander Nevsky Church to worship. It is no coincidence that the funeral procession carrying her remains traveled down Bredgade Street in September, 2006. The citizens of Copenhagen paid their Princess their last respects at that place. The authors of this book, Galina Korneva and Tatiana Cheboksarova, are well-known St. Petersburg students of local lore, as well as researchers and authors of several books and many articles on the history of St. Petersburg, its outskirts and the Imperial Dynasty of the Romanov family. They are excellent storytellers who relate their impressions of their travels in Denmark, and have found not only a unique way of presenting materials but also a writing style that creates a vivid and fascinating tour through the halls of palaces that have already become monuments of architecture and history. Every chapter devoted to these places is a story of the architects, the buildings themselves, their interiors, the people who lived in them and the important events that took place in them. Pages from Maria Feodorovnas life alternate with details about her family life, and descriptions and characteristics of her relatives and friends. Letters and diaries of the Empress, her close acquaintances, and also little known memoirs of her contemporaries are widely used in this edition. The almost five hundred photo-illustrations included here give this book a special advantage. More than two hundred were chosen from pre-revolutionary collections and the leading archives of St. Petersburg and Moscow. Others are from private collections and the museums and palaces that previously served as the residences of Emperor Alexander III and his wife, Maria Feodorovna. We express our sincere thanks to eveiyone who helped the authors and the publishing company in preparing and producing this book, and hope that readers will find it interesting. Yu Skelaev Derector of the Publishing Co. Liki Rossii Издание на английском языке.

2139 РУБ




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